Trees are an imperative part of nature, standing tall and resilient to provide us shade, beauty, and various other ecological benefits. Their majestic presence shapes the very landscapes we admire. However, lurking within this harmonious ecosystem are unseen invaders that pose a substantial threat to the health and vitality of these towering giants.

From invisible pathogens to tiny insects, there are many pests that can jeopardize the health of trees. Not only do they cause decline and defoliation, but they can even result in a tree’s death.

In this blog post, we’ll uncover the identity of common tree pests that weaken trees and stunt their growth.

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Spider Mites

Though tiny in size, spider mites are known to wreak havoc on trees. These tiny arachnids belonging to the Tetranychus genus can infest a large variety of tree species. They’re especially found on citrus trees, ornamentals, and even evergreens.

Spider mites typically feed on sap by puncturing the leaves. Though this might sound harmless, it can cause visible distress and damage to the trees. Not only does it cause stippled, yellowed leaves, but it also leads to defoliation. Unfortunately, they also multiply swiftly, and in great numbers. This means that they can establish large populations and cause widespread infestations in no time.

Juniper Scales

Scientifically referred to as CarulaspisJuniperi, juniper scales are another common tree pest species, especially in Arizona. These are usually found in Juniper trees and feed on the sap of those trees. They have needle-like mouthparts that they use to pierce the plant tissue and extract the sap. Unfortunately, this usually causes the trees to become weak and hinders their growth. If left untreated, Juniper scales can cause yellowed or browned foliage, stunted growth, and even dieback.

However, that’s not all because they can also attract other pests and diseases to the trees, further damaging their well-being.

Palo Verde Borer Beetle

The final common tree pest on our list is the Palo Verde Borer beetle. Scientifically known as Derobrachusgeminatus, the insect is a notorious threat to Palo Verde trees in Arizona. These beetles are large in size and have a distinctive appearance with dark brown or black coloration and long antennae.

The larvae of the beetles dig into the trunk and branches of the tree, leading to significant structural damage. That’s because when they feed into the inner wood or the Palo Verde trees, they disrupt the flow of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the branches start to decline and even the entire tree can get affected. In fact, most trees can face canopy diebacks, wilting leaves, and eventual tree death.

A professional tree worker cutting tree

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