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Tree Care Services

Tree Pros is your industry leader for tree services within the greater Phoenix area. Our certified arborists, tree workers and irrigation techs are standing by to provide you with the quality service that you would expect from Arizona’s #1 tree care company.

Tree Care

From desert native trees to introduced species and hybrids, Tree Pros’ mission is to ensure the longevity of your ornamentals. Trees in your desert landscape are living investments and…

Tree Removal

For the last 12 years Tree Pros has been the valley’s go to for tree removals. Whether you are dealing with an unsightly, poorly placed tree, or a mess making deciduous, we have the…

Tree Trimming

Our ISA certified tree climbers are trained to care for your trees, making only the appropriate cuts to promote tree health, reduce pathogenic risks, and keep your trees looking healthy…

Soil Treatments

Arizona’s native sandy, clay soil structure can make it difficult for varieties of tree species to access the oxygen, water and nutrients needed to survive and thrive…

Stump Grinding

When you want your tree gone, Tree Pros’ stump grinding crew will leave no trace. After a large precision takedown or a high-risk removal, an unsightly stum will blemish…


Our certified technicians will design and install your home irrigation system to promote a sustainable landscape that is appropriate for your variety of shrubs, trees an lawn…

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a great way to accent your home landscape. This enhancement will not only provide an added value to your home and yard appeal, but creates an element of safety…


Our certified arborists can help you select the right tree and shrub species to compliment your home landscape. The goal is to ensure that your plant is set up for success…

Emergency Tree Removal

Tree Pros is a first responder for emergency tree removals. Storms, microbursts, and times of severe drought contribute to higher tree risks.

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