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Tree Pros Tree Removal Service

Tree Pros Tree Removal Service

For the last 12 years Tree Pros has been the valley's go to for tree removals. Whether you are dealing with an unsightly, poorly placed tree, or a mess making deciduous, we have the manpower and resources needed to ensure that your unwanted tree is quickly and safely removed.

We recommend a tree risk evaluation if you are concerned about a tree which poses a falling risk. Monsoon storms and microbusrsts can eaily turn a potenital risk into a serious problem. Contact us to setup a removal estimate or a tree risk assessment.


Tree Pros is Arizona's #1, full service tree care company. We trim, remove and fertilize tree. Established in 2006, Tree Pros has grown to be the largest tree service Company in the Greater Phoenix Metro area. We have more certified arborists and more service crews on staff than any other tree service company in Phoenix. For the last 12 years we have serviced over 50,000 valley residents and we're still growing.

Our mission is to help your lawn and ornamentals grow strong and healthy through proper trimming, pruning, diagnosis and treatment. You can expect a fair and accurate estimate everytime you meet with one of our certified arborists. Our certified tree workers and irrigation technicians are committed to completing every job to your satisfaction with a focus on safety and a fanatical attention to detail.

Our goal is to become the gold standard within the arborcare industry. While we know that you have other companies to choose from, we want you to be a customer for life. We understand that we can't acheive that without providing an incomparable level of service and that's why everything we do is all about you.


Can I just say these guys did an awesome job? Pretty amazing watching them drop this big old tree, right where they wanted it to go. -Jenny DeLay, Google


It was amazing to watch them work. -Dan Courtney, Google


10/10, I would definitely recommend Tree Pros and will be using them in the future! -John J, Google