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Stump Grinding

Tree Pros, LLC has been offering stump grinding services in Phoenix for over 10 years. Our fast service, eco-friendly processes and reasonable prices are unmatched in the city.

What is Stump Grinding?

This is an environmentally friendly and efficient method of getting rid of tree stumps. The stumps are ground into pieces with the use of a Stump grinder, which is a machine that is specially made to do this. This machine allows for a quick and Eco friendly removal of tree stumps.
After Tree Pro’s professionals have inspected tree stumps, we immediately and carefully begin the grinding process. We make sure to carefully follow all the safety procedures and based on your requirement, it can be ground to either a standard depth of, 3" - 6” to allow for ground cover or grow over, or we can grind even deeper with our Big Mo' grinder! Contact Us today to find out prices and availability.
In the process of stump grinding, our team does not leave any trace of the work as we maneuver around the fixtures of the lawn such as ornaments, flower beds, and other trees, not leaving our track marks. Then the wood chips are removed from your property and recycled by us. Our stump grinding process is environmentally friendly, safe and fast.

Why Should You Remove a Tree Stump?

  • stumps are a blot on the landscape and can significantly hurt the beauty of your property. If you want to resell the house, the tree stump could lower the value of your property or turn off potential buyers.
  • People could can trip over stumps, particularly if they are sited in awkward places.
  • stumps occupy space which can be used for patios, landscaping etc.
  • Tree stumps will decay, and pests and insects often nest in them.
  • The roots of tree stumps can spread far and potentially cause damage and cracks to paved areas near it.
  • Tree stumps affect the plant and trees around them negatively, taking up valuable root space and limiting their growth.
  • Why Us as Your Phoenix Stump Grinding Provider?

    We are Certified Experts

    Our professionals hold “Certified Tree Safety Professional” certifications and we are an active member of the Tree Care Industry Association. When you work with us, you’re working with industry experts with years of experience with tree stump removal in Phoenix.

    A Hard Working, Polite, and Permanent Crew

    Tree Pros, LLC employees are long term hires who are held to the highest standards. They are professional and timely and are very highly trained in grinding stumps..

    Honest Pricing

    Our prices are very competitive when compared to our local competitors. There are no hidden costs and we are always upfront with our pricing. Because your satisfaction is our main aim, we won’t charge you till we are done with the job.

    We Treat Your Property with Respect

    We understand the work and time you put into your property and gardens. We try our best not to negatively impact your property in any way and we are always careful to stay away from any plants, flowers or landscaping features that may be present.

    We Recycle 100% of Our Tree Waste

    Tree Pros, LLC is an environmentally responsible company. We do not throw wood debris into a landfill after we finish with them. When the tree stump has been removed, we remove the wood chips from your property and send them to recycling facilities.

    To get a free estimate, please fill out the contact form or give us a call at 602.216.0400.

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