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We are the Premier Choice for Irrigation Systems Design and Installation in the Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.

Tree Pros, LLC is the premier choice in Phoenix when it comes to Irrigation System Design and Installation. We are ready to help you with all your irrigation needs. We will provide prompt service, quality work and professionalism. Whether it is a simple irrigation system for a home or a complex one for a large recreational area, we guarantee our honesty and will deliver quality service at a reasonable price.
Our well-informed team will help you design and install the right irrigation system for your needs. An Irrigation solution is more than the hardware and technology; it includes any or all of the complete range of services we provide:

  • Practical design support
  • Experienced application know-how
  • Methodical planning and scheduling
  • Trouble - free and on-time installation
  • Efficient start-up and turnover
  • Hands on training
  • Remote monitoring
  • Pump installation and repair
  • 24-hour service technicians.

We can help any landscape grow!

A state of the art system for your property - whether it be commercial or residential, for a school, a mall, an athletic field, or something else - can be customized for you by our professional irrigation installers

Irrigation is a vital part of a healthy tree.

We know trees and will design an irrigation system that will best serve your trees and plants. A well maintained irrigation system is an integral part of healthy and luscious trees. Your state of the art irrigation system designed and installed by us will deliver the precise amount of water needed to create a lush, greenyard. Our Expert irrigation system specialists will create an irrigation system that is designed to meet the specific irrigation needs of your property. We will, with the help of a properly designed irrigation system enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Tree Pros LLC can save you time and money.

Our Irrigation systems help you do more than help you maintain a vibrant and healthy landscape. The irrigation specialists at Tree Pros, LLC apply their expertise and industry experience to service all your irrigation needs and install a professional irrigation system that will save you money and time. Your irrigation specialist will check performance standards, watering day restrictions, local codes and other things that can affect the design and maintenance of your irrigation system throughout the year.
With our knowledgeable staff, and the highest quality equipment we provide, you'll get the best possible irrigation services.
Our irrigation services include; installing irrigation systems, irrigation sprinkler repair, irrigation sprinkler system installation, and irrigation repair.
Irrigation products work best when they are customized for your landscape. Our best quality commercial equipment is used for irrigation in order to help forestall probable hydraulic issues that might be expensive to repair. Our team of irrigation experts will also account for infiltration rates, verify soil types and use their knowledge of local weather patterns to create an irrigation system that works in conjunction with the climate in your area of the phoenix, AZ. For additional information about how Tree Pros, LLC can provide you with a state of the art irrigation system geared towards tree maintenance please fill the contact form or call 00000. Tree Pros, LLC specialists are always ready to discuss a tailored irrigation system.

We cant wait to help you design and install a fabulous home irrigation system that will help create a treescape or landscape that you and your family can enjoy!

Click here or call us at 602.216.0400 to find out how Tree Pros LLc can help you with your irrigation system installation.

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