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Trees provide shade, improve air quality, add beauty to landscaping, and boost a property’s value. But dead trees can be an eyesore, while some healthy ones may block the sunlight or compact space for new plants to grow.

Many people remove trees to ensure they don’t attract pests or spread diseases to nearby vegetation. Removing dead trees also helps ensure the branches don’t fall off to damage your property or injure animals and people.

No matter the reason you hire a tree care company for tree removal services, the leftover stump can be pesky. While tree stumps may look harmless and could regrow when left alone, removing them quickly is highly recommended before they put your property at risk.

But sometimes, stumps take years to rot and decompose naturally. You can follow the expert-approved tree stump removal techniques or find a tree removal expert in Scottsdale to take care of it for you safely. But first, here’s why it’s generally recommended that you permanently remove the tree stump.

#1- Safety Hazard

You don’t want children playing in the backyard to trip over and get injured when they accidentally stumble into or trip over the roots or stumps. The leftover stump can also be a liability if a visitor falls, trips, or injures themselves. Avoid potentially time-consuming and costly lawsuits by completely getting rid of any leftover stumps!

#2- Infestations or Disease Spreads

Tree stumps often invite unwanted guests into the yard. Wood-boring insects and pests are naturally attracted to stumps and can infect nearby healthy shrubs and trees with diseases.

Harmful pests can also cause allergies and diseases in humans and pets. Or worse, they can wreak havoc on the structure of the wooden elements of your home. Hire tree workers to get rid of the stump professionally to prevent decay, mold, and disease from spreading.  

#3- Damage Property Value

Leaving tree stumps around without any practical use makes yards look unkempt. It could not only take up valuable space but also significantly impact the property’s value. It can also make mowing, weeding, and other gardening chores more difficult.

Moreover, when the tree roots grow, they can spread into the underground pipes and cause them to crack or burst. It can lead to flooding or the water supply getting contaminated. Don’t let the aggressive roots remain unnoticed until they escalate into severe problems. Call 602.216.0400 to get premium tree services in Phoenix and Scottsdale.  

How to Remove Tree Stumps

 stump burning after tree removal

#1- Use Chemical Stump Removers

Drill evenly-spaced holes in the stump and pour chemicals on top to let the roots absorb them. The wood will gradually soften and rot over the next few weeks. You can chop it with a shovel or axe until the stump is leveled. Dig up the leftover and replace it with ground fillers like loam. The ground may sink with this technique, so you can add more ground fillers until it levels evenly.

#2- Burn It

While you need to ensure it’s legally allowed in your area, you can enjoy a bonfire over your stump with a cup of hot chocolate and your close pals during the winter. Use chopped-up wood as fuel to safely build a fire and surround it with more burning wood. Burn it until the stump becomes ash, and then clean it to fill the area with sawdust or loam. Repeat every few months until the area levels up.

#3- Tree Stump Grinding

This is one of the most effective permanent stump removal techniques because it destroys the stump along with the root system. But make sure to follow the instructions in the manual and wear protective gear before using the grinding machine around the stump’s circumference.

While you can rent a grinding machine, hiring a landscaping company to grind the stump is a faster and safer solution. At Tree Pros, we work with arborists and tree removal experts who know the proper techniques for tree trimming, stump removal, or stump grinding.

We’re a full-service tree care company that offers comprehensive tree services to help your shrubs, trees, and lawn thrive. We also offer soil treatments, lawn irrigation, outdoor lighting, and other tree services in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

You can also reach out for emergency tree services. Partner with us to learn why we’ve been rated highly by residential and commercial clients since 2006.

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