Who are the best Tree Trimming Companies in Phoenix, Arizona?

After nearly 15 years in the arbor care industry, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the valley’s industry leading tree companies. Clients who truly understand the value that their trees bring to their property should hire someone that they can trust and if that’s not us, we want you to know “who”. This list of top 5 tree companies in Phoenix is based on company offering, experience, and client satisfaction.

1. Integrity Tree Service

Offers full scale plant health care treatment for a variety of disorders that are common to our area. Integrity Tree Service is extremely active within the local arbor care community and is home to the state’s most talented and highly trained employees.

2. Earth Care “For All That’s Green”

34 years in the valley with a focus on sustainability and customized care for your personal landscape. Owned and operated by Glenn Fahringer a renowned and highly requested Certified Arborist who has worked closely with the town of Cave Creek in order to preserve the native desert landscape.

3. Trees For Needs

Specialized tree care company which will take on any project. Owner/operator, Carl Bogar has established his business as an industry leader by offering no cost estimates and balancing what you want with what your tree needs.

4. Arbor Care

5-star Yelp reviewed company, located in Tempe with 21 years of industry experience. Arbor Care is a family owned and operated, full-service tree care provider.

5. Design Tree Maintenance

Full service, fully insured company with over 13 years in the tree industry. Started by Robert Kett, Design Tree Maintenance focuses on the long-term care of your trees through proper pruning and fertilization.
Companies like these are interested in developing a relationship with their clients and establishing a maintenance schedule to keep your trees healthy and looking beautiful. Here are a few more helpful resources if you’re thinking about having your trees serviced:
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