Preventing tree failure before a tree removal is required.

Since 2000, our valley has endured longer stretches of high heat with very little rain. These drought conditions along with poor watering practices contribute to the decline of many of the trees that you may have seen around the valley. We've stressed the importance of scheduling a tree health evaluation for your Aleppo pines due to the current condition of these trees. These massive trees are showing signs of tip dieback and pine blite but the threat of an unplanned failure could be catastrophic to your home or property. Without a well established irrigation system or disciplined hand watering, large trees like these can pose a real threat.

One of the common watering mistakes is, more often than not, unavoidable because of the nature of our hard claylike soil. Shallow watering occurs due to heavy watering for short periods of time in untreated soil. This layer of topsoil is neary impermeable, allowing much of the water to evaporate before it has a chance to reach the feeder roots of a tree. The primary roots of a tree will follow the path of least resistance in order to reach the shallow watering source. These roots will remain close to the surface providing little to no support for the tree in windy conditions. As Arizona's summer monsoons approach, our team will inevitably encounter fallen trees that failed to withstand the sudden force of gale winds or microburts.

We've also seen many instances where our clients are watering too close to the trunk of the tree. A pool of water that collects and stagnates around the base of the tree can lead to rot and will contribute to tree failure.

Tree Pros certified arborists are educated in many of these diagnosis and can help you coordinate a proper watering schedule. Soil ammendments may be required to improve the conditions of the soil around your trees and shrubs. Combined with proper fertilization and periods of heavy leaching, your tree will have more access to the water, oxygen and vital nutrients it needs to withstand that many challenges faced here in our desert. While our goal is to help you make the best decisions regarding your lawn and ornamentals, years of improper care will increase the chance that a tree will need to be removed.

Phoenix residents continue to use Tree Pros team of certified arborists and certified tree climbers because of our ability to manage these precision takedowns without injury or damage. The choice that you make when you hire Tree Pros to remove a large tree is backed by our history of success as Arizona's # 1 bonded and insured tree removal service.

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