How much does tree trimming cost?

Anywhere from $150 to $2500 based on several factors.

You’re here because you want to know how much it’s going to cost to trim your trees. You may be asking – Why do I need to show up to meet for an on-site appointment to get a price to trim my trees? Can’t I get a price over the phone or by email? Why does tree trimming cost so much? There are a several factors that we take into consideration when it comes to pricing tree work.

* Tree Type
* Pruning Type
* Amount of Growth
* Quantity
* Location
* Meeting Your Expectations

First, we would like you to keep in mind what it takes to service up to 40 properties in a day. At full capacity, Tree Pros dispatches up to 8 tree crews with up to four tree workers assigned to each crew. On any given day, our crews will service residential properties with anywhere from one tree to 20+ trees. In order to schedule these properties with efficiency, we price all of our jobs based on the fulfillment by a four-man crew. Tree Type – There are hundreds of species, varieties and cultivars of trees that are found in our valley. One way to designate tree types is by separating hardwood trees from softwood trees. Eucalyptus, Ash and Cottonwood trees are examples of hardwood trees. Removing debris from hardwood trees will take more time and manpower because these trees weigh so much more that your softer wood trees. The weight of these trees will impact the time it takes to complete a job in addition to the cost of dumping debris.

Pruning Type – There are several types of pruning which your Certified Arborist may recommend, including: crown cleaning (deadwood reduction), crown thinning, crown reducing, elevating, structure pruning. Crown reducing will typically produce the most debris and is recommended only if a tree is becoming too heavy to support itself or poses a real hazard or risk of impacting people, structures or another tree. Your arborist will help you to determine what is best for your tree in getting the desired outcome for the tree overtime.

Amount of Growth – Desert trees in particular can put on an exponential amount of growth over just a short period of time. Changes in season and watering (including rain) will play a factor in how much a tree will grow in between scheduled trimming. Your Certified Arborist will help you to plan for these changes and reduce stress induced growth, but please keep in mind, trees are living organisms without absolute predictability.

Quantity – In order to accommodate the demand and growth that we have experienced over recent years, our company has adopted a minimum requirement which we must charge for a scheduled trimming. As the Valley’s Leading arbor care company, we truly value the commitment many local residents have made in maintaining the care of their trees, which is why we will let you know if we think we will be a good fit for your particular situation and provide you with a recommendation if we don’t think that we are right for you.

Location – The location of your tree(s) in combination with tree type and size will play a major role in determining the amount of time it will take to complete your service request. In addition to the distance it will take to move our crews and equipment from one tree to the next, the distance that we’re required to haul debris will also impact your job cost as well as items such as nearby structures, yard ornaments/decorations and delicate plants that require extra time to work around or special protection. Some circumstances may require our crews to utilize a crane or other heavy equipment which will allow them to strategically perform a job and reduce the risk of property damage. The location of your trees will play an essential role in determining how to safely and efficiently complete your service request.

Meeting Your Expectations – Our number one goal is to service you the way you want to be serviced, meet your expectations, and leave you 100% satisfied. We have found that our client satisfaction rating is above 95% when a face-to-face appointment is conducted. Irregular tree growth and environmental changes can occur in between service appointments which will significantly impact the current condition of your tree. Failing to understand these changes and define your current service needs will prevent us from providing you with an accurate estimate, inhibiting your experience with our company. Why? We want to make sure we can see things from your point-of-view, in order to advise on the best course of action which will determine the long-term health of your trees, in addition to fully understanding and explaining the agreed upon, desired outcome.

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