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Tree Trimming

People generally think that tree trimming only involves removing a few twigs and branches every once in a while. Well, a proper tree trimming service involves more than that. Even though you can do one or two tree care tasks on your own, you shouldn’t put your trees and yourself at risk by always doing it. Hiring a qualified and reputable tree trimmer like Tree Pros, LLC is recommended as it is the best approach when it comes to taking care of your trees.

Reasons to Trim a Tree

Health; The major benefit of proper tree trimming is better tree health. By thinning the crown of the tree, you create a proper airflow to the tree and this helps the tree to develop properly. Regular tree trimming also guards the tree from diseases caused by branches that are crossing and rubbing together. You can also save a deadened tree by deliberately removing the affected appendages and branches.
Safety; When tree branches and appendages grow too close to service lines, roofs or walls of the home, they will have to be separated. But because the process involves using dangerous machines and climbing ladders, it is suggested that you hire a professional tree company for the task. The reasons become even more obvious when you need tree removal.
Aesthetics; A well-maintained property is very beautiful, and this involves tree trimming. However, special training and tree trimming tools are required for tree trimming for aesthetic purposes. This you can have only if you hire a professional treetrimming service provider.

Trimming Methods

A300 Pruning standards recognizes four basic pruning methods for pruning:
Clean: Selective pruning to remove one or more of the following parts: dead, diseased, and/or broken branches.
Thin: Selective pruning to reduce density of live branches
Raise: Selective pruning to provide vertical clearance.
Reduce: Selective pruning to decrease height and/or spread.

How To Trim A Tree;

  • Professional assistance is needed to remove a branch or limb that is more than three inches in diameter
  • Trees should be trimmed only in the dormant season
  • Never cut too close to the branch collar
  • Branches should be trimmed when they are still young.

If you are in the Phoenix area and require tree trimming service, contact us today and we will handle all your needs. Trees take a lot of time and maintenance to grow to their full strength, and we can help you ensure your trees reach their full potential. Be it is Tree trimming or Shaping, we’ll take care of it for you. We service over 30,000 of Phoenix area residences. We are the largest residential tree company in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. We have the most certified arborists and certified tree workers on staff, and we handle every aspect of tree care there is.

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