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Tree Planting

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.
~Chinese Proverb

Trees take years to mature, it does not happen overnight and for this reason, you should plant one today. Tree Pros, LLC can help replenish your yard with a diverse selection of trees that will not only benefit the environment, but will also enhance the value of your property and provide extra years of enjoyment and ambience.


Our certified arborists are sometimes referred to as matchmakers. Our team will determine the best trees for your yard or even transplant existing trees following ANSI A300 transplanting standards to keep them alive for many more years.

Tree planting offers a lot of benefits to you and your property.

Benefits to you

  • Your trees act as natural respirators, giving off fresh oxygen
  • Trees lower your energy bill by keeping your yard cool in the summer

Benefits to your Property

  • Trees slow down the impact of rain and divert floods
  • Planting trees on your property will increase your property value and enhance your curb appeal.

Plant trees today and get the numerous benefits offered by trees. It is always good to plant the right tree in the right place and at the right time. The tree that will thrive on your yard depends on local weather conditions, soil conditions, regional pests and diseases, and other factors.
As a tree service team, we have a genuine passion for promoting the growth, development, and health of trees. Not only are they amazing additions to your property, they’re also a vital part of the local ecosystem and a crucial part of keeping our atmosphere clean and breathable. Our certified arborists are always available to render tree planting services to you when you want to easily and effectively add more trees to your property. With our extensive expertise, state of the art equipment, and many years of experience on the job, we make sure your trees are beautiful and healthy for many years to come.

What Kind of Trees Can We Plant?

With our expertise and in-house equipment, our team can plant any kind of tree you may need. Our qualified arborist can be of assistance to you in choosing a tree that is ideal for your climate, property and environment. Once you find the perfect tree, we can plant one of any size, whether you need a tiny sapling or a 25 foot hardwood tree.
Our qualified arborists are devoted to keeping trees healthy and safe and keeping our clients satisfied. This is why our services are geared towards making our tree planting team the most knowledgeable, convenient and affordable in phoenix.

We can help with:

  • planting a queen palm
  • apple trees planting
  • lemon tree planting
  • live oak planting
  • planting citrus
  • planting fruit trees (others)

Why clients turn to us:

  • We have the equipment to cut through clay, roots, and rocks and other typical stuff for that makes digging large holes by hand a major chore. This gives you quality stock and larger (2? caliper / 15 gallon or greater) trees for immediate impact.
  • We provide the highest quality expertise for your tree care
  • Our professionals are courteous, and always leave your property clean and tidy
  • Our workmanship is insured and we guarantee professional results
  • After your tree is planted, we can also provide a “drop-by” service in subsequent years to do structural pruning (at the RIGHT time – which is when they are young) and give it some nourishment to encourage growth.

Please fill the contact form or call us for all your tree planting phoenix, AZ services.

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