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Welcome To Tree Pros, LLC

There are many tree service companies in Phoenix (about three hundred) but unfortunately most of these are characterized by “a guy with a chainsaw and a truck.” Their business model is not built on longevity and durability. They are cheap and lack guarantees and insurance that consumers require. On the other hand, are large reputable firms that have nationwide coverage. These companies have a fleet of trucks and many assurances, but are usually very expensive. Tree Pros, LLC stands somewhere in the middle. We are large enough to handle any project in phoenix, professional, reasonably priced, and offer all assurances that you should insist on from any company working on your property.

Our History

We were first established in 2006. Since then we have grown to be the largest Tree Service Company in the Valley Metro area. We have more certified arborists and more service crews on staff than any other tree service company in Phoenix. We service over 30,000 of Phoenix area residences, we're the largest residential tree company in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, we have the most certified arborists and certified tree workers on staff, and we handle every aspect of tree care there is.

Our Mission

To help your trees grow strong, healthy and to their fullest potential, and through tree pruning, tree removals and general plant health care. We strive to ensure that you have a beautiful treescape that complements the structures and landscape in recreational, residential and commercial areas. Absolute customer satisfaction is our goal.

Our Assurances

Absolute customer satisfaction is our goal. If you want professionalism, good rates, and the assurances that protect you and your property in Phoenix, then Tree Pros, LLC is your best option.

Prompt Response

We are known for our punctuality. We are prompt, straight forward and always communicate with our customers when changes occur. We are aware that some other companies make it a point to show up last so as to try to undercut all other quotes. We don’t operate that way.

Honest Assessment

This is a very important in this industry. Fear is a powerful emotion especially when thinking about trees that are potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, lots of companies play the “fear card” often and early so as to inflate or even create jobs. We are honest and straightforward and we hope to preserve trees where it is possible. We also employ independent, third-party advice when necessary or requested. When and how a tree will fall is unpredictable but the risk relative to certain visible signs or environmental conditions can be assessed.

Fair Pricing

We built our business model around maintaining viable long-term relationships. Our prices don’t just cover the daily costs but it also covers the costs of proper insurance and reinvestment. Quite a number of tree service companies in Phoenix simply don’t consider reinvestment and proper insurance in their pricing. Furthermore, we don’t take advantage of your emergency to rip you off. We are only interested in providing consistently fair pricing whether it is an emergency or in the slow winter months.


Quality is much more than having experienced personnel work on your trees. It’s an entire experience. It starts with professional quoting, professional schedule communications, respect for your property, after sales support services and standing behind our work with a written guarantee.

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